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Thread: Rip sasha

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    Rip sasha

    My oldest daughter moved out of our home on her 18th birthday in 1991. She moved into an apartment with her then boyfriend. About a month after she moved in this little bundle of silver and white fur climbed her screen door. It was a barely weaned kitten. No one knew who it belonged to so my daughter kept it and named her Sasha. Not knowing when Sasha was born, she decided to give Sasha her same birthday of February 6th. Six months later my daughter moved back home and brought Sasha with her. we already had 3 cats but 1 more never hurts. Besides we lived in a very rural area with lots of little furry animals. Turns out Sasha was quite a hunter. She would want out all the time if the weather was nice and sometimes when it wasn't. When my daughter left for another boyfriend, Sasha stayed with us and has been with us ever since. My daughter has been back several times but always leaves again, thankfully. Sasha was always in good health until last year when she started having seizures. The vet put her on medication and it stopped the seizures for the most part. Around thanksgiving we had to increase her dosage to stop them. She had a major seizure right after the first of the year but recovered after a couple of days. three days ago she had another seizure which did some nerve and heart damage. She became unable to walk more than a few feet and could not stand alone for more than a minute or two. We had to take her in today and have the vet put her to sleep. She lived 23 years, 11 months and 10 days and we will miss her.


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    rip Sasha

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    You gave her the best life, that's why she lived so long. But now she is hunting up a storm. My sympathies.

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    What a wonderful life she must have had. RIP Sasha.

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    What an awesome life of nearly 24 years yet they are never with us long enough. May you meet again one of these days but until then, RIP Sasha.

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    Aw, I'm sorry you lost your friend. We took our guy to the vet today but it was all good He's an eight year old PBGV. I'm not looking forward to the day it all comes to a head but I'd give anything to have him for twenty-four years.

    Sounds like your daughter should have stayed with Sasha rather than the boyfriends!

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    Wow! Almost 24 years! What a wonderful gift you gave her, and she you!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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