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Sadly, Marlies body was found. Fortunate only in that her family has closure.

Marlies’ body found
18 Okt, 2008, 09:11 (GMT -04:00)
KRALENDIJK -- The remains of the four weeks ago disappeared Marlies van der Kouwe are found. She was buried in the mondi (woods) in the district Amboina. The Bonerian police and justice confirmed this news in a press conference this afternoon.

“The remains of Marlies van der Kouwe are found. From dental comparisons we are 99.9 percent sure that the remains belong to Marlies. DNA-test must give us the other 0.1 percent certitude”, says prosecutor David van Delft. But this doesn’t mean that the case is solved. With regard to the tactical detective investigation, there is still a lot to do. To this day, the main suspect Ryan Pieters keeps denying his involvement, which means that the authorities must come up with hard evidence, says the prosecutor. Important with the recovering of the body of the Dutch 24-year old pharmacist’s assistance were the declarations of people from the immediate surroundings of main suspect Ryan Pieters (24), who was arrested a few days after her disappearance.

Forensic investigators are since yesterday evening busy at the location where Marlies van der Kouwe was buried. The police have closed off the area where the body was found in Amboina, hermetically and members of the Volunteer Corps Bonaire are watching it. Thorough investigations are being performed by forensic investigators and detectives in this area. The body of Van der Kouwe was found with the assistance of German trackers.

Marlies van der Kouwe was on her way home four weeks ago after a night out. Witnesses saw her be pulled from her bike. She was since then never seen or heard from again.

Pieters, who had spent years in prison for rape and abduction, was seen with her and arrested. He didn’t want to cooperate with the police investigation and kept his mouth shut about this subject. Three other persons were arrested last weekend, including the 30-year old brother of Ryan. One of them is meanwhile released.

Really just a sad reminder that bad things not only happen everywhere but even small islands with 20,000 citizens.
Life in prison without parole, imo, appropriate sentence for a murderer and repeat violent offender.

Ryan Pietersz sentenced to life
10 Maart, 2009, 11:25 (GMT -04:00) http://www.amigoe.com/artman/publish/artikel_53765.php

WILLEMSTAD — Ryan Pietersz (27) was sentenced to life this morning for killing Marlies van der Kouwen (24) in the night of September 20 to 21 last year, after a night out. The pharmacist’s assistant who was working on Bonaire, was ambushed by Pietersz near the WEB-grounds.

He pulled Van der Kouwen from her bicycle and knocked her with her head against the ground. He then dragged her by her hair and clothes to the scooter he was driving and swept her off.

At what point in time that evening he strangled Marlies was not determined. He did take her purse and contents though and gave part of the contents to a friend, so the friend could sell them. The next day, Pietersz went to the location near Ambiona where Marlies’ body was, to burn it and so cover up the tracks.

According to the judge, there was no evidence for murder, because there was no premeditation beforehand. Pietersz was also acquitted of the unlawful detention; it is not certain whether Van der Kouwen was still alive when she was carried off from the WEB-grounds. The judge also considered the rape not proven. Marlies’ mortal remains that were found a few weeks after her disappearance were nothing more than part of her skeleton. There was definitely evidence of qualified manslaughter, said the judge. Manslaughter is when a crime is concealed by killing somebody. The crime was the robbery. But Marlies had seen Ryan’s tattoos and he didn’t want to go back to prison. He was still on probation for the robbery and rape he committed in Bonaire in 2002.

He has a long criminal record of other violent robberies and a previous rape. The reports of the psychiatrist, psychologist, and the after-care and resettlement organizations are also not looking good. Ryan is described as antisocial and the chance of recidivism is considered big. The society must therefore be protected, says the judge. With a life sentence, a person will never be released again, unless the person is shown clemency.