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Thread: See your house on - It's cool

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    See your house on - It's cool

    This is cool. It you own a home, put in your house address (where it says Find Homes) on You will get a map of your street. Click on your house #; then house info. It shows a picture of your house (virtual earth) and either Zestimate or Tax Assessor's Value. Below the picture you can click for a larger Birds Eye View.

    I haven't been on the site in a while. Last time it gave me an estimate of my house value (Zestimate). Now it only shows the Tax Assessors value (Zillow has it right). Don't know why (probably because of my house fire). Though the picture of my house is before the fire.

    You can register (which I did today) and update your home info (home description - attic, basement, how many bedrooms, baths, etc.

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    Very kool -- and useful, as we are in the process of getting the house ready for sale.

    Thanks mucho.

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    I was so bummed, my neighborhood is too new to be on the site. The street isn't even continued there. My house is 4 yrs old in a new developement and the whole culdesac doensn't even exsist ....bummed ! oh well, google earth kinda does the same thing and we were on that...Thanks for th tip though

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