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Thread: Sheraton Vistana Villages

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    Sheraton Vistana Villages

    we were in FLA for the past 16 days. weather lousy, rainy, cool and not ideal at all.
    Let me tell you of our last 7 days at the Sheraton Vistana Villages on S international dr just south of Orlando.

    This was used on an INTERVAL CERTIFICATE

    We checked in to our unit 1 -104 and there was a huge ball of hair in both showers.
    They then moved us to unit 1 -205 and there were filthy bedding urine stains on comforters.
    Then they moved us to unit 1-105 and all appeared borderline acceptable.
    I called housekeeping to ask for an additional blanket and was told to "turn up the heat"
    I had internet issues and it was a nightmare and the customer service folks were rude and unhelpful
    This was a 2 bedroom unit with "fully applianced and full kitchen, 'cept it did not have a can opener, cork screw, pot holders, pots/pans, casserole dishes, mixing bowls. Pretty much it had plates, flatware and coffee mugs and the coffeemaker worked!
    There was NO toilet paper or paper towels or tissues.
    No working remotes for any of the 3 tvs.
    Please Please stay far away from this place.
    I went for almost FREE and it was definately NOT worth it.
    The pool filter in the "quiet pool" was not working at all on Tuesday and still they operated the pool with tons of people using it and it was FILTHY.

    At no time was any of this even laughable.
    the term customer service was an oxymoron at that place.

    Today when we checked out, they charged us $5 for the USA TODAY which we did not even see. We finally won the dispute but checking out at 4 am and they show me that charge on my folio I was not too pleasant. I had to beg to have it removed.

    30 buildings
    40 1 and 2 bedroom units per building
    congested parking
    1 pool operational (but the weather was lousy)
    during the timeshare presentation, i told everyone who would listen how disgusting the place was and it was not worth $15 and especially not worth $15,000

    yuk yuk yuk

    trying to categorize it and have a report ready for tripadvisor
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    OMG !!!!!!

    I would have come home early

    Either way you were missed and we are glad you are back.

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    what a nightmare!

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    I would have so been out of there..... I hope it didn't cost you much......

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    That's absolutely horrible! I would write a letter to the powers that be and copy in everybody under the sun!!

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    Andrea you put up with more that I could have. I am glad you are back next time its just Aruba. HAHA.

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