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Thread: Strange day in Europe

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    Strange day in Europe

    It is certainly a strange day in Northern Europe; all flights are canceled due to the huge volcanic ash cloud approaching us from Iceland.

    Here in Norway air space has been closed since last night, and from today it will affect the rest of Scandinavia, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany..

    On the positive side they predict that we will experience a very spectacular sunset today, with a completely red sky!

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    according to the SCI-Fi channle all of this weird weather and events of the world, such as volcanos, earthquakes etc....are all part of the dec 21 2012 predictions.

    oy vey!

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    Saw the sky at sunset on the news last night - it was gorgeous! I know that doesn't help the people stranded at the airport but it was amazing!

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    I agree with ya on the 2012 predictions. There have been way too many disasters occuring, makes ya wonder now.

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