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Thread: there is a very ill woman......

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    there is a very ill woman......

    on one of the private FB groups, there is a woman named Berta. (i think that is the spelling)

    she is going to aruba for one last time on Friday and staying at the surf club.

    i do not know her other than she and i are both members of the same FB group.
    some of you too are on that group.

    she was diagnosed as terminal.
    colon cancer.

    she is weak and jaundiced.

    she loves aruba.

    her dream before she departs this earth, is to visit aruba one last time.

    god willing, she will be at the surf club on friday.

    i read her posting on the fb page and also looked at her own fb page and from her writings, she appears to be at peace.

    i pray that her journey to aruba is wonderful and also pray that her journey to life ever after, is pain free and peaceful.

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    Saying prayers for Berta. Hoping Aruba will provide her peace.

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    Hoping she is able to enjoy her stay and not be miserable from travel
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Prayers heading her and families way; making this trip the best of them all.
    Aruba is a very peaceful place to be.
    God bless her and her family as well.

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    What a nice last wish. We like that! Our prayers are with her.
    Sean and Susan

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    I hope her travel to and from Aruba will be as comfortable as possible. I can understand her wishing to visit this special island and people one last time. Prayers to her and her family to have a peaceful, comfortable time. God Bless her.

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    That is so sad. I hate cancer! Prayers to her and her family. I hope she is comfortable for the trip and enjoys the time reminiscing of previous trips.

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    Cancer SUCKS...! Lost my baby sister to cancer a few years ago. I really hope this woman's last trip is her best trip and she enjoys it to the fullest.

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    So sad. I hope she gets her wish and enjoys Aruba for all it's beauty, the people, the beaches etc. My prayers for her and the family.

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    I also saw her posting on Facebook. I'm glad she is getting her wish to visit Aruba one last time. God Bless her!

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