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Thread: Thomas the Tank Engine?

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    Thomas the Tank Engine?

    Since I have no children, I was amazed at the number of kids (and adults) thrilled to see Thomas the Tank Engine making an appearance at the Strasburg Railroad, near Lancaster, PA. Kids were literally screaming to greet the little blue engine as it puffed into the station. It was quite a spectacle and a joy to see kids interested in something as quaint as a steam engine in this age of electronic gadgetry.

    I made a blog post showing a video, but it seems all your parents out there will already know all about this.

    I was there to make a video of the Number 475 engine, but it was impossible due to all the people around. So I took footage of Thomas instead.

    Anyway, bon dia (which is not what they say in Pennsylvania Dutch, which is not really Dutch as from the Netherlands. Just sayin'.)

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    when our son was little and we'd watch "thomas", mr conductor's voice was Ringo Starr.

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    I was there 2 years ago in the summer. We actually went for a ride on it as well. I felt like I was in a Turkish bath!

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