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Thread: Three Down

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    Three Down

    Well, I just saw the news that U.S. Special Forces have rescued Captain Phillips who was held by Somali pirates. Three pirates are dead, one surrendered.

    Congratulations to the Special Forces, and may the rest of the pirates rot in h*ll.

    All the best to Captain Phillips and his family. May one day he sail in pirate free oceans.

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    I saw the news to and its great, lets show these modern day Pirates they should stop being fullish.

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    prayers for the more than 200 multi national mariners that are being held hostages in somalia by pirates

    way to go navy seals , us navy and capt phillips

    next month we'll ake our annual trek to massachusetts maritime academy (kevin mma 08 alum bs marine engineering) and hopefully capt phillips and 1st mate murphy and maybe the crew will be there to be honored on National Maritime day

    food for thought............over 80% of the products we use daily in our homes and in our lives make their way to us in some shape or form by ship .............probably in a container ship much like the maersk alabama.

    and for the folks in aruba.....change that 80% figure to over 96%.

    the pirates and their terrorist acts truly affect us all.


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