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    Well it has been one heck of a ride.. The baby is now 7.5 months old and we are loving every second of her.. It has been ages since I have posted on here.. I recently went back to school after spending 4 wonderful months home with Gianna. With the current economy, I couldn't see going back into factory work so I am training to work as a medical office assistant. They needs those all over so I'm good there I suppose. Gianna is getting so big so fast.. Travis and I are doing well- celebrated one year this past November and are planning a trip away for next Christmas.. not sure where to yet but it's going to be someplace sunny and sandy..We haven't been on vaca since the wedding and we need one! Hope all is well with everyone!
    Travis and Kelly Masi

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    So nice to hear from you !! Best of luck in school. When you get a chance post some pics of the baby, cindyo

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    Quote Originally Posted by TravisnKellyMasi View Post
    not sure where to yet but it's going to be someplace sunny and sandy..
    AND warm!!!

    Thanks for posting, it sounds as if you are all enjoying life to its fullest.

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    we missed you!


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