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Thread: User Profile questions

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    User Profile questions

    We are unable to change our password on this site. I go to user cp, details and change password which tells you to use last name, address etc.. but it will not accept my password change any help would be appreciated.

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    omg i hear you as does lisa

    she and then me both had major issues with the password/log in stuff

    lisa, could not do any moderating (changes, deletions, editing, dealing with reports) for 2 weeks about a month ago. and I, am in that same boat now as lisa was......all because i wanted to change my password.

    so my advice

    do NOT do anything til mr burns aka simon our webmaster can fix the software glitch

    the password must be between 8 - 10 symbols/letters/numbers in length.....but again, wait til the issues are solved on the end of the webmaster

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    Now I feel better, I thought it was me!!!

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