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Thread: Veteran's Day

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    tell your dad THANKS for his service.

    and isn't that just a FREAKY/UNBELIEVABLE chain of events?makes one shake their head and then thank God.
    His "little sister" was his angel that day!

    UOTE=luvsun;188942]My dad was a gunner in WWII, they called him in the office to tell him his little sister past away. His plane was suppose to go up that day but they told him not to go. Later that day the plane was shot down and all were killed. He at that point decided he was never going up again and was going to be the cook!! He turned 96 this past Aug. and is still cooking ;~}
    Happy Veterans Day[/QUOTE]

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Thank you to our forum members who are veterans.

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    My dad was stationed in the Philippines during WWII and my uncle (dad's brother) was a Pearl Harbor Survivor.

    Hubby and I were laying on the rooftop pool of our hotel last Thurs. (Veteran's Day) in Miami when the fighter jets did a flyover formation (always so amazing to see!) brought a smile to my face and a quiet "thanks Dad and Uncle Les" above me.
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