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Hi guys....You asked for it....daughter attends parochial school, has religion EVERY freaking day.Also need to mention she was an alter server 1-2 a month. Has surgery on her foot, and is in a cast,and crutches. Priest requires those who are getting comfirmed to sign in after mass. Daughter can't stand in the crowd waiting to get to the freaking SIgn in sheet. We ask can she sign in b4. NO, is the answer. We go on strike and refuse to ever sign in again, and get thrown out of the church via letter. DO YOU BELIEVE THAT !! year later, I am finally at peace. I told him off at the deli counter Sat. while all these old ladies were swooning over him. I thanked him with a big smile on my face for throwing us outa his church and let him know how much we liked our new one. The old ladies faces were priceless.
SO..that is why i had to go and pray for myself. Oh, I forgot to mention he was sent away to dry out.
NOW, I don't expect to hear from anyone out there how BAD I am. Don't bother, I am at peace after this awful mess my poor daughter had to endure. I am happy to report she is getting confirmed March 3oth by another church and that her parochial school backed us 100% over this wacho priests stupid rule. You can't force a teen to go to church, let alone be an alter server. ALso, let me point out that in a school of 500 kids my daughter just recieved the award of Outstanding all around student for academics and exempilifying christian values.
So...that is where I stand, and i feel darn good about how this all played out 1 yr. later. Heavy stuff, huh.... We went thru He_ _ with this whole situation.