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Thread: Water--gushing where you live?

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    Water--gushing where you live?

    here in central maine, by the grace of god we faired much better than our southern neighbors.

    we "only" had about 2 " of rain.

    cindy and rob o's neck of the woods (RI) are very much underwater, although i think they are ok as is their property.......but have not heard from them all day.

    my son and his wife's new house in the kittery area are surrounded by a newly formed lake....but their basement and house are dry.

    so, how are all of you making out?

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    I have good friends in Connecticut (Old Saybrook area) and they have been bailing out their basement all day! When I talked to her a couple hours ago she said they have taken 31 9-gallon buckets of water out!

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    We are perfectly fine...thanks. Basement totally dry and rest of property is OK. I had a chance to participate in the design of our home and it paid off.

    I spent the day working in the field in a nearby comminity where streets and utilities had been destroyed. Leading a "SWAT" team. The loss to homeowners is staggering.
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    We are in Durham Me House on top of hill so we are dry but its very wet all around. Rivers and streams are at most are over the banks all low areas are standing water.

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    Live about 30 miles out of Boston, my house is dry but with all the lakes and rivers in the area my truck is now my boat.

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    I am in central jersey, alot of rain.... basement dry, thanks goodness! There is alot of rivers around here (Rahway river, runs right behind my house. and I follow it alot to work.) Well over there banks, way to much rain we have had. Like I said if someone says drought this year I am going to scream!
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    Here on the high desert, we are expecting a few snow flurries
    today. Most of the new western storm dropped rain in nothern
    CA and a couple of feet of snow in the Sierra's.

    This one is heading east, so be prepared...

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    anywhere there is a beach and water
    We are dry on Cape Cod, but just 40 miles away, many are under water. What a shame..
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    RI is stillo bailing out from the rain. Many large rivers and lakes have over flowed badly. Houses are still covered in water. In our town many of the main roads are closed that are close to the Blackstone River. That over flowed and covered many businesses...including stop and shop, mcdonalds, dunks, and a lot of local places. We have no water, we are on solid rock, had to blast to build the house...something to be said for that.
    Towns badly hurt in RI are West Warwick, Warwick, Coventry anothers. The Warwick Mall is totally under water...good luck to Macy's, Target, JCPenny etc on the cleanup. I bet they are closed for at least a month. The doors to the mall were totally emerged.
    YIKES...and thank you GOD for keeping us safe.

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