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Thread: we are official MAINEIACS

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    we got temporary plates for now 6999QC and 7000QC the prisoners have our plates orders and when they finish making little rocks outta big rocks they will do our plates we have been told 8 - 10 wks wait.
    time for bed

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    Too cool...take pics and post them, wish my hubby would flip for vanity plates.

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    renaissance private island, iguana joe's, madame janettes..
    yes congratulations on your new home..enjoy the peace and quiet maine has to bring..
    scott and tricia

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    Congratulations on your dream home.

    Glad to see they have internet access up there....or, did you buy a generator and a big antenna!

    As for dentists....there's a good one in Aruba

    Please don't ban me....just having fun!

    Aruba license us thinking.....
    Please contact via e-mail at

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