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Thread: this weather is for the......

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    this weather is for the......

    Birds! This morning is the morning that you wish you woke up and was in aruba.
    When I left for work at 715am, it was a balmy 12 degress out side. Don't even want to know what it was with wind chill. But thank goodness no snow yet!

    On a great note, Aruba might be just around the bend... could be leaving for my "heart" in 52 days! Trying to work out some details......

    I better get that pass port renewed, just in case!
    _____Wishing I was in Aruba!_________

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    Hope you can work out the details and escape to Aruba. On a passport note, we just renewed our passports by mail in December and got our new ones sent in 2 weeks! They also sent back the expired one a day apart from the new ones. This seems to be the perfect time to renew before the crush in the spring and summer.

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    I wish I were in Aruba every single morning I wake up I've been checking prices "pretend" shopping on my next trip. I usually book in March or April for November. Good Luck and stay warm....halfway mark thru winter compared to last year piece of cake so far...lets hope the same for the remainder of the winter.

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    It is 16 degrees and snowing in Michigan today, but we only have 16 more days until our first trip to Aruba.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiviDiviFan View Post
    I wish I were in Aruba every single morning I wake up
    I couldn't have said it any better myself.
    Last edited by Chadd; 01-21-2012 at 11:49 AM.

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    Lat night 32 degrees with a ton of rain. Today 35 degrees... some big wet snowflakes that turned into a steady rain. Now the whole area is flooded and all the dust is now mud. Welcome to Kandahar, Afghanistan's rainy season.

    Can't wait until May!
    Aruba here we come!

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    Snowstorm here in NY - just left Aruba 3 days ago

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    Sleet and rain here in VA, but we're leaving for Aruba in a few weeks. I sign on the site sometimes just to see the temperature in Aruba to compare it to here. Love it! We used to go down around the kids' schedule, usually around Easter, and a couple of times in the summer. I miss the kids going with us (one's in college and the other graduated and is working), but I love leaving the cold, snowy weather for the beautiful warm beaches in Aruba. We still take them for a week's vacation in the summer, so we might be back then too.
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    weather is okay in Dallas but only 6 weeks and 4 days before returning to Paradise for 10 days, can't wait.

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    It's Saturday here in N. Virginia. Awoke to snow covered with ice all over the cars; fields, but, fortunately, the roads had been cleared. High today in the low 30's; but tomorrow in the upper 30's. First snow of the season, not bad, but there still is February and March which often cause surprise snow storms.

    We all wish we were in Aruba.


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