Divi Aruba Phoenix
Week 2 (Jan.13/Jan.20-2018)Apart. 814 for Rent at New Tower

1 Bedroom Suite; 1 KING BED, master bath with whirlpool tub,2 Bath,2 Sofa beds, including microwave and refrigerator,washer dryer,kitchen, color TVs with satellite programming, VCR and DVD/CD player. Walk-out apartment just a few steps from Pool and Beach.
$1300/Week plus local taxes & charges.

Occupancy Taxes: 9.50 U.S. Dollars per night
Utility surcharge: 10.50 U.S. Dollars per night
Tax is charged per stay: 1 bed $15

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you are interested.
Email: lsoferreira@gmail.com
Thank you
Sergio Ferreira