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Thread: Where is robo and arubamark?

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    RobO, glad to have you back! Looking forward to your wise words on this BB.
    happiness is going to Aruba with your adult kids because they still want to come with their parents

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    Rob, I hope your return trip with American is the later flight to Miami or with JFK. This past year US customs stopped clearing in Aruba the early flight to Miami. I have taken the early flight a few times and Miami is a mess to deal with customs and you have to walk miles, clear customs and then exit and re-enter airport to make connecting flight. 1 to 2 hour process. US Customs started this in October after daylight saving time and will start clearing again in Feb. not sure if they are doing this again next year.

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    We leave Aruba at 9:50 AM to Miami, then on to Boston.

    The cost went from the initial price of $324, to $184 on Tuesday (when I bought), to $204 on Wednesday, to $254 Thursday.
    Please contact via e-mail at

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    Hi all my Arubian friends,

    I have not been on line to much like ArubaMark, I had/have to find another job. I am working from home and hope my business does better this year, and hope to go back to our island.
    Will keep in touch as much as possible. Take care all and to all that are on the East Coast sorry for the bad winter, here in N. CA. this week as hit 70F.

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    HELLLOOOOO everyone!!!

    Of course I miss everyone but just as my buddy Rob said, my life has been crazy busy as well. I do have a sad story I will post that I would like to share to everyone. Besides that all is well over here, we just booked a trip to Disney in May. The kids are very excited and so are we. We are staying at the Beach Club, it looks very nice. It was recommended to us. We will be back in Aruba for Thanksgiving this year. We are long overdue!!!

    Hope all is well with everyone!!!

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    so now that we have heard from our 2 "lost boys" i will close the thread.
    i am glad both have posted and are fine.
    i hope mark and rob continue to post when they can.

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