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Thread: Will be unemployed!!

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    Will be unemployed!!

    Hi there all:

    Just found out Monday that my job (after 29 years) is relocating to another state and has been taken over by new people. They are not offering us to move with them (not that I would go).
    The doors close the first week of August. I hope wherever I get a new job will give me 2 weeks vacation for my trip to Aruba next May which we booked last week!! I guess I'll take the rest of the summer off and they job hunt in the fall. Unemployment doesn't pay much but it is something, at least I'll get my head together and update the resume.

    Oh well what's a girl to do!!!

    Life goes on!! Could be worse.

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    Good luck
    aruba lover 99

    45 th trip coming soon

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    I am very sorry to hear this and pray you find something soon.

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    Jes, sorry to hear the bad wishes on finding a new job.....aruba is to important to not go !!!!! Hope all works out.

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