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Thread: Working for a living

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    Working for a living

    Hello All,

    Today is one of those days I wish I was in Aruba. I really dislike my job at this point and if it was not something I needed, I would quit today, or actually yesterday, lol. So my question is how many of you truly enjoys what you are doing for a living. I know some of us (I am jealous) are retired and don't work but you can still participate as well. At this point I have my resume together and actually applied for 3 jobs I had no hopes of landing within the past couple of weeks. I teach in a crappy system, administration stinks and the many of the kids are not any better. My patience for the disrespect is gone....I don't think I will make it another 7 years to retirement- yes you heard me right, 7 years and I am leaving this hell hole (more on hell holes in a second) if I don't escape earlier. Speaking of escaping, at our last staff meeting one of my coworkers who NEVER speaks raises his hand to weigh in on the topic of having to deal with a difficult situation without getting upset. He said, "Well I try to do the same thing everyday I get stressed at work and I tell myself I only have another 6 years and I get to escape this hell hole" You should have seen the principals face....priceless!!!!!
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    Jobs are work. Not fun, work. They have to pay you to get you to show up every day.

    Aruba is different. YOU pay to go there because it's fun.

    I'd bet 99.99% of folks would quit if they didn't need the money. You're not alone. It's a fact of life. You need to work so you can have fun. Work pays for Aruba.

    I'm retired and quite happy with that.

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    We're both retired. My working "memories" are much more pleasant than the days I spent working! It's a necessary evil. Our time spent working allowed us the luxury of retiring early; well, that and the fact that my husband's health insurance continued after retirement and covered me as well!

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    Jay, I can relate to this post. My public sector job is constantly changing and I see it as just a job that pays the bills and not a career that I love. Every so often I get fed up and float my resume, but the fact is I have great benefits, lots of accrued time off, and a state pension at the end of this rainbow. I work as a translator between techy millenials and blue collar baby boomers. It's a constant struggle to teach and get respect.
    Sure I get frustrated, but it's a means to an end. I keep the next trip on the calendar and start the next countdown when I get back.

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    Jay, I'm OK with what I do, but don't live and breathe for it ..... and one of the main reasons I haven't retired is my annual Aruba trip....! I don't think I'd be wiling to spend the money for the annual trip on retirement. DW is in the same spot as you. Teaching has become so much BS for her. She loves the time with the 'little people'.... but not all the related reports, IEPs, budget concerns and political BS. We're both plugging thru to maximize our savings for retirement and both tolerate our jobs toward that end.... not to mention that we're both type 'A' personalities and are somewhat driven by that!

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    Sorry you are so stuck Jay. Many educators in my family - many retired early because of the teaching BS. It's really sad.

    My job is just a job. I've been here WAY too long. Now they are completely dependent on me and I would feel guilty leaving. I'm waiting for the business to go under so I can escape. That's quite a sad statement. I'm not paid nearly what I'm worth...BUT on the other hand - I have the flexibility to leave the office when my kids need me, I can check in here multiple times per day, I can wear what I feel like wearing most days and I have a 15 minute commute. I have to remind myself of these things weekly!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Aruba4ever.....(and all) paul and i too are retired and love it.
    he was the plant planner for raytheon and when he had his 35 yrs in he ran as fast as the wind and never looked back.
    his job was about the product, (patriot missiles and radar) not people. he does not miss it in the least.

    i ran a commercial swimming pool and the aquatic programs. it was at a non profit agency and it was a "job for many", but for me it was a "calling".
    i loved the kids, i loved the senior citizens.......and pretty much just barely tolerated the staff whom i felt had their own agendas instead of working for the needy youth in our community.

    what i hated, was working for a non profit that barely had the funds to pay me and even less funds to heat the pool or heat the air in the natatorium.
    it really sucked getting into the pool when the water temp was 79 and the air temp was 70. (and that was year round) i do not miss being cold and miserable.

    paul and i both work part time (very part time) at a place that forbids any mention of our work on social media.
    we are both paid poorly (a smidgen over minimum wage)....and this is one of the largest and wealthiest corporations in the world.
    but, it is an OK job and we do it for our sanity and we get to meet many people.

    jay...hang tough.
    until you win the lottery stick with your job.
    do the job well and try to live with and or ignore the nonsense.
    put in your time.
    dont let jerks get you down.
    think of the kids and if you can change 1 is all worthwhile.

    be grateful you are in MA . I know someone that teachers here in FL and the pay is pretty bad and the benefits are deplorable.

    did you ever consider teaching at a private school or college/university?
    did you ever consider running a day camp or an overnight camp?
    or working for a company in the education business?

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    Wow !! I really thought I was the only person who could quit today will.... yes I can find a job by lunch time; however I would lose a lot of money. Just work a weekend position. Every weekend and get 30% pay difference plus shift diff.
    This weekend they had their "annual employees appreciation party" aka Christmas party cause some was offended by Christmas cause they don't celebrate it. Hell I don't celebrate their holidays and respect theirs too.
    For those who attend got names drawn for some excellent prizes.. those who had to "work" got nothing.
    Management is horrible. They sit in their office with doors close & locked. One has a note on her door do not disturb???
    What keeps me there is my "customers" aka pt. I really give them what the "what they want" not what they "need"
    like one guy young too... wanted a cold beer for the Pat's game last night... well I gave it too him with pizza.
    Did get a dr.'s order.. have to cya... cover my assess. we watch the game in between meds.
    Then sat in his room for the last quarter. Was such a good feeling. I know it is something I won't forget.
    Brought in Krispy Kreme hot glazed donuts... $4.99 dz day. OMG the faces they had when I gave them in the early am.
    This place doesn't even supply coffee to the staff at night. Really... new management cut backs.
    So I went out and got a new coffee pot and bring coffee every night and flavored cream.
    I ask for the kitchen to supply them to give the early risers something to t before breakfast. Nope.... so they are up in their w/c from 6am till 8ish for breakfast. WTH????
    Yes I can quit now.. stay home and apply for another job and have one by lunch time. But all the nursing homes are getting like this And I enjoy the nursing home; need to watch out for these elderly's.. you would not believe the "abuse" that goes on in them.. sad very sad.
    Got a huge raise... 1% yes. and that was one of the best one for nursing.
    The uppers got big raises to match their big butts.... yup they are getting wider and wider from staying in their office ordering "special" meals for "their" meetings.
    I have been there for 7 yrs.. we never ever used agency. They would give us a nice bonus or gift card to pick up extra shifts. Now they have "strangers" coming in to care for "my people" they don't care.. they come and do what ever and leave. Even told their hard working staff "if you aren't happy leave... we will get agency."
    They were invited to the "employees appreciation party" and brought a guest and got a new sound system for a price.
    Ok.. just another short 12 yrs... was ask to take a pay cut to go to days... hahahaha ... I be fired by the end of the shift
    Just keep doting my "i's and crossing the "t's"
    Nursing isn't what it used to be.. It's all about the money and not the "care" Been doing this for 30+ yrs. too
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    You are so right about the pay in Florida... omg they actually think that cost of living in cheaper than up north and it is not..

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    I guess I'm with the majority in that my job is just a job. I thought I had a career until July (one week before my brother died) when I was told my position was being eliminated. I had to take the position they offered me (I need a job and there IS age discrimination out there) for $12,000 less a year. Many pros to this, but the biggest con is the financial hit. I turned 60 this year, so I can retire in 6 years and 3 months. I will then find something to keep me occupied and out of trouble - I keep joking that I want to be a greeter at Walmart.

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