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Thread: You're Fired!!!

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    What interesting conversations we seem to have on this website !!!!
    ArubaLisa, I feel for you....we live on a farm and it is not unusual to see mouse "remains" once winter has started and the little critters are looking for somewhere warm to stay.
    We only have one cat and he is mostly above mouse catching....he has given us a "gift" or 2 over the years, but I think it is when he is sleeping on the mouse's usual route and the mouse accidentally stumbles upon Psycho (really that is the cat's name)and gets knocked out..then my cat wakes up and makes it look like he did all the work !!!!!
    Cat is the king...fat and lazy...BTW he looks exactly like your gray kitties in pix...
    Gotta love them though....
    Hopefully the mouse will stumble on his walk through house and cat will be able to catch him while he is passed out !!!!!!
    Let us know how everything goes....

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    I have to thank the "arubalisa team" and kid for the comical events of their day..
    I sat and laughed my butt off (now, I wish that could be true) while rob finally says," What is so funny?" I said, " I finally got to read posts from yesterday and that cat/mouse story from lisa, DD and Dh is a scream...." Thanks...welcome to teamlisa, DD.

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