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Thread: $50.00 fuel surcharge continental

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    $50.00 fuel surcharge continental

    I made my reservations for 2010, and found that there is a $50.00 fuel surcharge with Continental out of Newark, NJ.
    I missed not paying by one day. Oh well.

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    Too bad. Glad I got my tickets already for December and April. I'm also using Continental from N.J.

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    I am very sorry this has happened to you.

    There was a piece on our local news last night about airfares being about 18% cheaper than they were since 1998. BUT, the airlines are trying to make up the difference in add on fees. Fuel surcharge is just another example.

    This is now a common practice in the cruise industry as well when the price of oil goes above $70/barrel. Now that oil has been back above $70, many cruiselines are hesitant to tack on the surcharge because of the poor economy.

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