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Thread: AA Announces New York JFK Airport Service Updates to Aruba summer 2009

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    Arrow AA Announces New York JFK Airport Service Updates to Aruba summer 2009

    "AA Announces New York JFK Airport Service Updates to Aruba summer 2009

    Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) has been actively working together with its valued air service partners in securing sufficient air service from New York JFK airport, Aruba’s strongest market.

    American Airlines, Jetblue Airways and Delta Airlines have all responded positively and with receiving word yesterday from Delta Airlines, AAA will continue its support of efforts made by the Aruba Tourism Authority to ensure demand generated to maintain additional service. AAA has been actively participating and advising ATA on target cities and feeders and attend roundtable events organized by ATA and AHATA.

    AAA is very pleased to announce that American Airlines has changed the arrival and departure times of their twice-weekly JFK service from late afternoon to 12:20 PM with a 13:30 departure back to JFK as of June 11, 2009.

    Jetblue Airways has increased the effective summer period of their second daily JFK flight from March 8, 2009 through September 8, 2009 and even a 3rd Saturday flight on Saturdays during the same period mentioned above. Delta Airlines has added a 3rd JFK flight on Thursdays during the period of July 1, 2009 through September 5, 2009. Each additional flight from Jetblue and Delta consist of 150 and 185 seats respectively.

    “This is excellent news and we are extremely pleased with the positive response gotten from our airline partners towards our request for additional service” Peter Steinmetz, Managing Director AAA said. “We will continue to support the efforts of our Tourism partners in securing the demand for our service network at profitable levels. Demand is a priority and competition is fierce world wide.” IATA, the International Air Transport Association, has just released a revised forecast for 2009 and the Director General and CEO, Giovanni Bisignani has bluntly stated that the airline industry is “in intensive care” and that the priority for survival will be the conservation of cash and adjusting capacity to demand."

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    Great! now if they can only lower the fares by 1/3.....

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    Read that article in Aruba Today on the beach this week

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