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Thread: AA changed my November flight

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    Thumbs up AA changed my November flight

    But it's for the good. Instead of leaving at 2:00 we leave at 5:00. Hay you got to look on the positive.

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    AA just sent me an email that my jan 8 bos - jfk - aua and jan 22 aua - jfk - bos were changed!

    going to aruba, the flight was not getting us in til 5 pm

    coming home they changed us to a flight that did not get us into boston until 9:30 am on the 23rd (causing us to have to find a place to stay near jfk)

    the AA reservation lady was very nice and accomodated us without question putting us on the nonstop (which was not available as an option for us back in march when we reserved using mile rewards)

    so now we keep our fingers crossed that they do not mess with the thursday non stops out of boston

    i am just shocked that the reservation lady was so accomodating especially since we were using airmiles for this round trip.


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