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Thread: AA to Charge for FIRST Checked Bag

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    Quote Originally Posted by chs4 View Post
    I understand. Re-reading that last line from my previous post it does come across a little defensive, which I didn't intend. Sorry if it sounded like I was being snippy. Mea Culpa.
    Not to worry, we're all friends here.

    By the way...our past experience with AA has been that the baggage limits in place at time of ticketing are the ones that apply to your flight. So, if you've recently purchased an international AA flight, you should still have the two 50 lb bag allowance.

    ...but as the man says in the commercial, too quickly for anyone to understand...past performance is no indication of what future results may be.
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    Another big loser is going to be Aruba when Americans stop going because of the high airfare and room fees.I like most people have a budget and if prices continue the way they are going, I will travel to another destination ..bummer for me cause I like the island but $1000.00 roundtrips is heavy

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