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Thread: Aa flight thru miami

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    Aa flight thru miami

    We normally fly US Air from PNS to Charlotte then to Aruba. We have decided to try AA thru Miami. Was this a bad decision? I do not like to fly and had hoped since the flight from Miami is shorter that it would save us some time both ways.

    From what I read on this board, the AA lines at airport are longer than all others leaving Aruba - anyone have any experiences they can share.

    I do not like to get to the airport more than 3 hours prior to departure and hope this was not a bad move to go AA.

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    We have used AA almost exclusively for 20 yrs with a few air tran and us air thrown in once in a while.
    We have no issues with connecting thru Miami. The tram is frequent and easy.
    As long as u have 40 min in between flights you will be perfect.
    My only complaint with Miami airport is the lack of charging stations and or outlets.

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    We always use AA from DFW to Miami to Aruba without a glitch. No longer than an hour to hour 30 min wait between flights, never had delays. We usually fly out really early from DFW so that's probably why we never get delayed but I would recommended AA through Miami anytime. Plus the Miami airport has lots of shopping, always a plus in a girl's book

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