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Thread: AA just cancelled Fri Flights, Oct, Nov

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    AA just cancelled Fri Flights, Oct, Nov

    Out of jfk no longer direct. Now must go thu Miami. No big surprise. I always book the nonstop, & then they cancel it. Oh well. See you in Aruba'
    They now only fly nonstop out of JFK on Thur & Sat.

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    I hate to say but AA sucks, they are going to be stopping allot of nonstop flights to the islands. They want people to connect in Miami, Dallas and San Juan and wait anywhere from 2 to 6 hours layover and some overnight, they want u to spend more moeny in the airports and hotels and they get a kick back and make more money.
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    Most airlines are focusing on their hub routes, it has nothing to do with having you spend money in the airports or hotels. They're cutting the stuff that isn't or wouldn't be profitable with current fuel prices.

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    This time is costing us a bit more than last time...but there is one less layover. The first time was Denver-Dallas-Miami-Aruba....This time we're going Denver-Charlotte-Aruba...much quicker.

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    We are connecting in Miami in June for our trip, leaving out of Dallas. the only flights I found that went direct in Texas were in Houston - IAH Continental. AA didn't offer any direct flights out of DFW airport. I don't care how I get there, but if we are delayed at all in Miami to miss out on my hours in Aruba I will NOT be a happy traveler!

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    Deja-Vu 2008; the night before we flew to AUA in Oct '08 the US Air website showed a 100% booked flight, but by flight time 1/4 of the seats were empty. At least we've only got the same $4 gas this time and not the economic meltdown ...... so far.
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