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Thread: Airfare

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    Quote Originally Posted by pratoman View Post
    Tried to book August out of NY on JBlue, leaving Wednesday returning the following Saturday. Fare was $1897, for 2 people. Just ridiculous. Then i looked at leaving on Tuesday and returning on the following Thursday - one day less in Aruba - fare for those days was $1438. Still ridiculous. But i swallowed hard and booked it. I was thinking of not going this year because of prices, but the thought was too depresssing.
    I felt the same way about booking my flight, it just made me sick to my stomach to pay that much for airfare. Last time I paid that much was to go to Hawai'i! At least it's done and we both have something to look forward to

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperBunches View Post
    We are really struggling with the airfare dilemma. It is the highest we have ever seen for August. We were planning on bringing the "kids" this year (they will be 26, 23 and 21 in August) along with their significant others. At $706 R/T out of Philadelphia, it makes for a very expensive travel bill. We could fly out of BWI at a significant savings, but we are considering putting the kids off and going by ourselves and leaving from PHL. We have not gone to Aruba alone since our Honeymoon. My fingers are crossed that the price comes down...otherwise I have to find a way to break the news to the rest of the family.

    airtran is a little cheaper but they are stop overs. To take the layover will save me almost 300 on 3 tickets.
    We also arrive in Aruba almost 4 hours later.

    3 ticketsround trip was 2100.
    I got a bunch of one way tickets and coming home from Aruba with a weekend layover in Orlando for less then 1800.

    I would never buy my tickets around a holiday (Easter) I see they went up this week too.

    I also been watching the prices--and look at June 3rd and the week after at only 200 some dollars-- wow was that cheap.

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    Airfare for August is really high now. US Air changed their flights on me without informing me a month ago and added a second connection. I inquired and received a refund and rebooked with Delta. I just checked the flights again and the prices went up $250 per person. Good luck to anyone trying to get there on a Friday out of BDL. Really limited choices. I have been using the website yapta to track my flights since Dec. It's a great site . The lowest it was $639. Now it's really high. Yapta tracks it for you daily and alerts you if it goes up or down.... Good luck. I have friends also coming with us and they are tracking the flights. Hope it works out for you.....
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    My husband and I will be flying from phila. To Aruba August 18th. We booked in january with AirTran with a stop in Atlanta there and Orlando on the way home. Round trip and choosing great seats we paid $502 each. The same flight today is close to $800 each. Usair non stop $706 each. Keep checking everyday and especially Tuesday night and wed am for the best prices.

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