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Thread: Airline Carry-On Baggage Size Chart

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    Airline Carry-On Baggage Size Chart

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    That chart is excellent but you still need to check your airline's website.

    For instance Jet Blue has the same CHECKED luggage requirements for all their flights but the CARRYON differs depending on whether you are on an Airbus320 or an Embraer 190.

    I would rather pay more $$ for the flight and do away with "nickel and diming" us with the luggage fees. I agree they should still charge for OVERWEIGHT.....but at least give us ONE free checked bag.....................It just isnt possible to go away for 10 days and bring enough in a carryon.........then you still have to deal with buying more toiletries bec. what you pack in the 1qt bag sure wont last 10 days.

    And dont even get me started on the proposal of some airlines to start charging for soda and possibly. I consider not giving free water a hazard to one's health as flying is so "dehydrating".

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