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Thread: Which Airline Has The Long Ticket Counter Line?

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    btw....going back to the original post - i believe if you have the option to not take AA to AUA, then i wouldn't. if all is equal (schedule, cost, etc...) then other airlines are a better option only because of the lines at the checkin. there's no worse way than to end a vacation in paradise by waiting on line for 1-2 hours while seeing no lines forming at the other arilines.

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    Arubaness...Obviously you aren't hot on AA, but I will say in their defense that in check-in in boston, we waited no more than 10 minutes in line and got thru quickly. Ya win some, and loose some....
    The other option for you would have been stay in Miami overnite and take the am outa there to aruba. That stay overnight might have made it easier for you for your connection and your pocketbook of $400 each person..
    Again, I see your disdain for AA....but I am( and family of 4)are "mileage hostages" right now, and although they have managed to screw up a few things for us, in 12 yrs you don't always win....

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    Hello all, we have had the below listed credit card for over a year now from Continental Airlines. The fee is $375.00 per year but you get all of the benefits listed below. If you don't want to wait on lines, this may be an option. I am sure that different airlines have similar programs. For us, it is well worth the high fee for membership.

    *Presidents Club® Membership: You and your family or 2 guests can relax between flights in any of our 27 airport clubrooms. Members also have access to over 40 additional affiliated lounges worldwide, including Northwest® WorldClub Lounge and Delta Crown Room. (Free snacks and drinks while you wait at the Airport)
    • EliteAccess® Priority Airport Services: to make your airport experience comfortable and seamless:
      • Priority check-in lines at the airport (No waiting at all)
      • Express security lines, where available
      • Boarding at any time through special lines
      • Priority bag tags so your bags are among the first to arrive at baggage claim
      • Tow check-in bags per passenger at 70lbs max
    • Hyatt® Platinum level status - Presidential Plus cardmembers will enjoy Hyatt Gold Passport® Platinum membership:
      • 5 points per eligible dollar
      • 15% point bonus when you choose Hyatt Gold Passport points for your stay
      • No blackout dates for reward stays
      • An exclusive Platinum reservation line
      • Platinum Extra Awards after every third stay and more
    • Exclusive Avis® Benefits - As a Presidential Plus cardmember, you will be invited to join Avis' President's Club, an exclusive program that includes:
      • Up to a two-car group upgrade
      • Guaranteed car even without a reservation
      • Savings on International rentals
      • Access to a members-only reservation line
    For additional information, follow this link


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    Well...I think I will add my 2cents...I have flown AA to AUA and have not had a probelm, unless you count the 32,000 frequent flyer miles that expired and they didn't give me fare warning so I could have done something with them before they just vanished !!! When I called to c/o I was told too bad, so sad your problem.......(it was, so what can I say...) I have also flown Delta ,,,,, 6 of us drove to my friends house in Allentown, PA on Saturday (from Pittsburgh area) just to get 390 dollar tickets to AUA on Sunday....didn't have a problem until we hit Atlanta on way home...sat for an extra 6 hours d/t delays....then had to get a limo home to her house (since taxi service would not renegotiate our return trip on short notice) to get our cars to drive back to the western part of PA...(and miss a day of work not counted in vacation schedudle).
    I always fly USAir because they used to have a hub in PIT and flights were always available....I try to stick with them even now because in order to get frequent flyer miles you must be loyal to one company as much as possible...I have only had one mishap with US in all the years flying to AUA with them and that was a no suitcase problem upon arrival to AUA...since I am so trusting we did not pack a carryon with one set of clothing and toiletries and ended up with nothing until late in the afternoon of the next day. The good thing was that since that was the year it rained the entire week we were there from morning til night I really didn't need much and so used the 100 voucher for me and my husband for gifts to take home....
    Anyway, my point is...we all have either experienced or have heard horror stories about the a general rule they are not trying to inconvienience you for no reason....but if you get into a situation you are unhappy very nice, speak quietly to the gate agents..they are really trying to help no hinder you...I have found that more helpful than ranting and raving....BUT, when I get home, I write a very detailed letter to the airlines customer relations department and usually get a free ticket out of it. That is my almost everytime....

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    Thank you everyone for your responses. You answered my question and them some!

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    We fly Continental and there lines move very fast at the airport.

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