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Thread: Airline & Hotel Packages for June

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    Airline & Hotel Packages for June

    I've noticed that in the past week there have been significant price drops on flights and vacation deals from Jet Blue and several other airlines out of Boston. R/T airfare for midweek only $387. Priceline was lower on the vac packages by almost $70 per person compared to Expedia. I know that a few friends of mine couldn't make their trips due to the longer school year, but I have to wonder if there is more behind it. The planes flying out of Boston on midweek dates are almost empty.

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    I am going to go out on a limb...
    Supply and demand...
    Lower demand for flights and packages due to increased prices for everything in the U.S. = food and gasoline...
    Surely takes a chunk out of everyone's budget.
    I know our family did not budget for $4 a gallon it has to come from somewhere, in some cases it may be coming from vacation budgets.

    On the other hand, I do know that the Divi, Tamarijn and Radisson are already sold out for select dates in June and into July.

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