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Thread: Airline Ticket Fuel Surcharges

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    Airline Ticket Fuel Surcharges

    Delta Airlines Matches United $50 Airline Ticket Fuel Surcharge
    January 11, 2008
    This evening in the 8pm EST domestic U.S. airfare distributions, the proprietary airfare processing system noted a fuel surcharge increase by Delta Airlines matching the $25 each way fuel surcharge filed by United Airlines at 12:30pm today.

    Normally, we see fuel surcharge increases of $5 each way or occasionally $10 filed as a roundtrip - so this move by United and now Delta is unprecedented. (FareCompare has been tracking airfare since Oct 2004).

    It will be interesting over the rest of the weekend and into Monday what the reaction will be from the other main airlines. Southwest and American were quoted (DOWJONES) this week as having partially hedged this years fuel costs at $51 and $76 a barrel respectively. Whether or not they join in this hike will determine if it sticks or if the competitive pressure forces United/Delta to roll back or partially roll back the increase.
    The next release of airfares by the Airline Tariff Publishing Company -ATPCO, (the clearing house for the majority of airline airfares) will be at 5pm EST on Saturday, with another at 5pm EST on Sunday.

    Graeme Wallace, CTO

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    this fuel business is so frustrating.
    the only ones that benefit are the ceos and the shareholders of big oil
    in my next life i want to be ceo of exxon
    well, maybe not but a holder of a large amount of company stock would suffice

    and........a gallon of milk still costs more than a gallon of gas or #2 fuell oil
    what's wrong with that picture?

    we are being fleeced.

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