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Thread: Airport Departure Update

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    We came home yesterday - Monday - the lines were long. Took us about 1 1/2 hours to get thru. We've never had that problem on a Monday before. People were asking to cut in line all over the place as they were about to miss flights. I know they tell you 2-3 hours to get thru everything, but everyone was saying the same thing - never had a problem on a Monday before. A little extra security. Our carry-ons were checked also.

    Will provide more details in a trip report - but arrival was a breeze - 25 minutes from plane to taxi - at the Divi with drink in hand less than a hour after hitting the runway - woo hoo!!

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    It took us over 90 minutes when we left last Friday as well. Arrival on the 14th was as smooth as could be. I stopped to put in my contacts before hitting immigration and our bags were already on the belt by the time I got there.

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