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    Has anyone from the Boston area ever flown Airtran? If you did what did you think of them? I would appreciate any help. Thanks Dick.
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    i am no longer from the boston area (waltham)
    we are now in the tampa bay area and our last 2 aruba trips (aug and dec 2010) were on air tran via orlando international airport.
    0 complaints (we did fly business class and there is no real food and no movie)
    but i do have to say the flights were good and priced ok.

    from boston, i would guess you'd make a connection at either atl or mco.
    mco might be an easier airport to make the connection.


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    For a price difference of 257.00 (USair) we decided to book layover trips using airtran when we go back to Aruba in Sept.

    Our layovers are in Orlando at 2 hours each

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