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Thread: American Airlines

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    American Airlines

    Is now showing their direct fall flights from Boston

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    I've seen all kinds of comments about American Airlines, both good and bad, and sometimes ugly. I have to say, in more than 20 years of flying this airline almost exclusively that they have been fantastic. I have to us US Air once in a while and it is always a problem and I often use a hub city.

    American has always done well by me, especially the cabin and gate staff. These days airlines are feeling the pain and I think we all have to admit that it is still relatively cheap to fly when considering the airplane costs millions, the fuel costs tens of thousands, the people must be professionals, and the facilities are irreplaceable.

    Let's all do our best to be good passengers and make the experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

    Someday I hope to graduate from Cessna 172's and sit in the cockpit heading to Aruba.
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    THanks so much for husband and I will be on line looking as soon as i log off....Lets only hope they work for us. cindyo

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    Quote Originally Posted by SanNic44 View Post
    Let's all do our best to be good passengers and make the experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible.
    Sorry.... any industry that sells non-refundable tickets and still knowingly overbooks and "bumps" customers.....or cancels flights with little or no compensation..... gets no sympathy from me. My business would also suffer if I treated customers the way airlines do.

    Enough of my preaching....I saw the "revised" AA schedules and will now try to insert my first happy face! I'm gonna book myself a nice little trip to Aruuuuuuba!
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    Book Jet Blue!!!!
    I know you have the grueling wait until 6 months prior to trip, but it has always been worth the wait for me!
    Over 18 round trips and still counting! One more in, see countdown:
    Have Fun, Pete

    We will be in Aruba in

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