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Thread: American Airlines "buying miles"

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    American Airlines "buying miles"

    We are DONE with American Airlines credit card (citi mastercard) and AMERICAN airlines miles.
    Today I completed our LAST miles booking and i was 1001 miles short of 2 round trip tickets.

    So i figured, what the heck i will buy the 1001 miles.

    here is what they are charging.

    Miles Purchased: 2,000
    Total Cost: $55.00
    Total Tax: $4.13
    Processing Fee: $30.00
    Total (billed to your credit card):* $89.13 USD

    now, remember i only needed 1001 miles which would have been in the $27.00 range. but they would not sell me 1001 miles.....they are sold in 1000 increments.

    i am annoyed and put off

    we are done using the American Air credit card.
    we did gather loads of points/miles and used them all.
    current mile balance is 0.

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    Unhappy Delta is minimum 2000 as well

    Transaction Terms:
    • Minimum/Maximum mileage per transaction, per recipient: 2,000 / 60,000
    • Mileage increments: 2,000
    • Rate per mile: $0.028

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    Was done with earning free flights years ago when they started making redemption so painful and expensive. Praying for the day Virgin America/Virgin Atlantic starts offering service and I am so done with the US carriers.
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