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Thread: American Airlines Customer Service & Hosptality

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    i made very quick mention that the first person that i spoke with must have been having a bad day and was less than helpful or accommodating........and i left it at that. i figured a sentence or 2 was sufficient and i know the helpful supervisor understood.
    The supervisor is aware that if you did not get the seats, you could file a complaint with the FAA and AA would probably have to pay a fine. You had a res with assigned seats, they cant legally drop you and charge you, but I will bet 20 other people on that flight probably paid up. There have been at least 3 times in the past that we have had our seats assigned and AA made a change of some kind and all of a sudden we are in the back of the plane. I asked the last time it happened and was told that when they make some changes it wipes out the seat assignments and the computer just puts you in a seat. They were not charging for premium(hah) seats at that time.

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    1) I am appalled at that woman's behavior. SO uncalled for.

    2) 99.9% of the time when I have to call customer service for anything, I ask directly for a supervisor, I don't even mess around with the first person that answers the phone. Once exception, and that is the .1%, is the credit union I belong to, EXCELLENT customer service.

    3) She must have worked for Verizon at some point...enough said

    4) So glad it was resolved to your liking, as it should have been right from the start

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