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Thread: American Airlines.....TV Availible?

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    American Airlines.....TV Availible?

    I'll be travelling to Aruba soon on American Airlines. We ended up getting a non-stop flight from Boston to Aruba. Since this is an international flight will we have TV's available? I've travelled a few placed internationally and sometimes there are TV's, sometimes there are not.

    Can anyone comment on the non-stop boston to aruba flight? Thanks in advance!

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    we have flown that nonstop out of boston numerous times and no tvs

    the flight is typically ontime +/- 30 minutes at least in our case

    remember to make a sandwich or pack or buy something to eat b4 getting onboard. the food packs they have usually run out and imo are not worth the $$

    the flight usually shows a movie
    the flight when i am on it usually has the seat kicker behind me and the cryer to my right :-) did i say that?

    glad that you lucked out with the nonstop

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    We found that having TV was not that big of an advantage due to the poor reception over water.

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    Fly it every way to go from Boston.

    I did survive on their sandwich....but, there is a decent food court after security to have breakfast, or, buy a lunch.

    The Duty Free shop is also there if you care to save $10-$12 per liter of alcohol. Careful, though, $11 duty over the one-liter/adult (some say 16 yr old) limit.
    Please contact via e-mail at

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    We have been taking the USAir non-stop from Boston, cheaper and better flight times IMO

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