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Thread: Anybody Traveling To Aruba from Atlanta Nov 17-22?

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    Any of Aruba's beaches, Sand dunes on North shore, Sitting among huge boulders overlooking the beautiful tropical desert scenery

    Anybody Traveling To Aruba from Atlanta Nov 17-22?

    Is anyone travelling from Atlanta, GA ( or better Colombia, SC) any time between Nov 17 and Nov 22, 2011?

    We have an 8-week old Golden Retriever puppy coming home to us that week. We can ship her with Delta cargo, but we're worried that she will be stressed from the plane and so we're reaching out to people who would be willing to be travel companion for our puppy. If she had a person to be her 'transport buddy," she can travel in the main cabin. We would of course pay for all extra expenses including the carry-on fee to bring a pet onboard and any extra hand luggage fees for you.

    Please PM me to discuss the details or message me here.
    Thank you so much,

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    Good luck, I love goldens

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    The pup arrived about a week ago and
    apparently all is well.

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