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Thread: April Vacation Airfare

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    April Vacation Airfare

    What is a reasonalble price to pay for round trip airfare from Boston to Aruba during April school vacation?
    We've traveled to Aruba many times but never over April school vacation.

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    450 per ticket.

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    450-510.00 for us American with layover in miami
    Done it for 13 yrs

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    Went annually from 2001 through 2010 during April vacation...Boston to Aruba.

    For a party of four, we've paid as little as $1700 and as much as $3200 ($425 to $800 pp with tax). Tracked costs closely....we got "good deals" each time. How could $3200 be a good deal? Some years are cheaper than others.

    Typically, we paid $2200 to $2600. Always purchased late May, June timeframe.
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