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    Article Re: comfort-legroom-upgrades

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    A friend and I recently had the discussion about Delta's Economy Comfort. Unless you have to sit in the front of the plane, say to make a connection, the $60 per person (that was the price on our flight in July from ATL-AUA), it was not worth the extra money

    On our flights we were put into exit row seats ATL-AUA because the people seated there did not speak English. I believe the exit row has a tad more leg room than the economy comfort.

    On our return, at the gate we requested exit row if they could not be sold. Yes, they are now selling them as well. No one paid the price so we got the free
    "upgrade", a minute prior to boarding.

    Another thing to be aware of is, our flight was a boeing 757-200, but they have the following versions. You do not know which version until the plane pulls up to the jetway.

    Boeing 757-200 (5500 Series) 75N
    Boeing 757-200 (5600 Series) - Atlantic
    Boeing 757-200 (5600 Series) - Pacific 75J
    Boeing 757-200 (757)
    Boeing 757-200 Hawaii (75V)
    Boeing 757-200 Vers. 3 (75M)
    Boeing 757-200ER BusinessElite Transcontinental (75E)
    Boeing 757-200ER BusinessElite V.2 (75A)

    Pitch varies widely between 30.0-35.0.
    Seat width is 17.2" on one plane and all others are 17".
    Some have personal TV's, some do not.
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