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Thread: Aruba to Curacao

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    Aruba to Curacao

    Hi, my husband and I are traveling to aruba for TWO weeks starting on 11/23/13 We have always wanted to go to curacao and this is the perfect time for us to pop over for a day and check it out. There have been a lot of comments about what airlines not to fly, which ones are out of business etc. and now I am completely lost as to which airline would actually be good. Any recommendations on an airline that will be best for us?

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    Check out Tiara Air

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    Thanks Andrea!

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    We used Tiara Air to Curacao a couple of years ago. Flew out in the morning and back in the evening - quick 30 minute flights.

    Have fun!
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    Mangel Halto for snorkeling, Palm and Arashi for beach time.
    We flew Insel Air. Bigger airplanes, less scary :-)

    Are you planning a day trip? I wrote about my experience last year (side trip to Curacao). Considering you'll be in Aruba for two weeks, maybe you could spend some more time in Curaçao.

    Have a great time!

    All the best from Brazil

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    Hi, Hello and Greetings from T&T! My trip to and from Aruba involves connecting through Curacao, and on both occasions I have flown over with Insel. All around they are always on time, and its a smooth flight going and coming. My only issue with Insel is that they seem to forget to hand out Immigration Cards for Aruba. I've had to collect the cards in the Immigration Hall and fill them out while standing in line. Relatively minor issue when you think of it. Also be ware that you will have to pay the airport tax when going to and returning from Curacao( about $35.00). And seeing as you will be spending two weeks on Aruba why not spend a two or three days on Curacao? That way it won't be rushed and you will have more time to take in the sights, sounds and culture of Curacao. Anyhow, enjoy your trip. Hoping to see the Happy island in December.

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