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    Atlanta - Aruba

    What is a good price to buy for flights from Atlanta to Aruba in May? Have a niece looking into meeting me there in 09.
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    Lately US Air through Charlotte has been less expensive than Delta.

    Delta from Atlanta to Aruba will "knock your socks off". They are the only airline flying non-stop.

    When fares became available for our flight for June, the price was $1200+, the fare now is $615 for a discounted ticket.

    I have not seen them on sale, but if you can get them for $450 to $400 you got a real bargain.

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    Delta has been our lowest cost flight lately from Detroit. I just checked for some friends, and the cost was $386.00 round trip in late March (flying weekdays). I checked the ATL - AUA portion of the trip, and the cost was $498.00 for the exact same days. That doesn't make any sense.

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    IF she can get to Miami from Atlanta, then she can fly to Aruba on American. I don't know that fare. The other choice is getting that flight from Charlotte on US Air. Delta dropped their fare from Atlanta; of course flying direct is more money but makes life easier. Missed connections happen so often now!

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