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Thread: best air line

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    best air line

    What is the best airline to book from buffalo, NY area to Aruba? Do you know which airline does not charge for the 1st checked in bag?

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    JetBlue would be my choice

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    Jet blue, but certainly it isn't the cheapest for us when we search

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    I like JetBlue too. Good coffee, and great service.
    My bags were over... guy change me for one bag but not the others...
    We flew home from San Juan on Jet Blue and the lady in front of us was being "a mean old lady" accusing Cody kicking her seat and etc.. he wasn't.. she just wanted to complained
    The Flight attendant actually brought us "free drink" and then bringing "special" gift for Cody and us comps. on the pilot.

    It was funny.. then as we were getting off the plane the old lady looks at me and states "I don't know why that flight attendant was being so hard on the boy.. haha

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