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Thread: Big problem with travel

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    lousy indeed.

    Quote Originally Posted by monika View Post
    I wish I have your problemsFor me 5h(driving to Manchester)3h(awaiting on Airport)9h(non stop flight)=17 hours TRIP

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    I agree with our Canadians ;-) . Most people coming from Europe have way longer and more expensive flights.

    For me it takes over 20 hours from house to house and I am very happy if I get a ticket around $1.500 per person. So with 2-5 persons to be paid by me on every trip it adds up.

    Would I like to pay $200 and fly down in 2 hours, yes of course, but even with the long flights, stopovers and crazy prices we still go there at least 4 times a year.
    Aruba is worth so much more than all other destinations.

    So bottom line, we all want cheap prices, but to stop going to Aruba because the ticket goes up a bit is for us completely out of the picture.

    With accommodation, food, drinks, car rental, water sport etc etc, I would guess an average US visitor would spend at least $2.000 per person on a holiday to Aruba, so I find it hard to see that flights going up i.e. $200 would make them stay at home.

    Prices on flights have gone down for many years now, but we cannot expect that to continue forever.
    So the prices and trip times for Canadians and European visitors should make the pricing feel a bit less of a Catastrophe for the US visitors.

    P.S. At the moment flights from Copenhagen to Aruba for Christmas/New Year is around $3.000 per tickets. Will we be there for Christmas/New Year? You bet ya, one way or the other, we will get to Paradise.
    So for me the "Big problem with travel" is a misleading title. Big problem is if all the airlines stopped flying to Aruba, now that would be a nightmare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikko View Post
    newark to aruba non stop is running 388.00 plus fees....

    Now that is what I can afford- I am looking at sometime in Sept and the price i am seeing is so far out of our budget tht I am afraid we will not be able to go next year.

    We are stuck with Sunday through Saturday because of honeys work schedule

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    We usuallu fly jet blue for our April Trips ( Portland Me /jfk/aruba) and we busy when the tickets are first released for thebest price. I am watching currently though as Jet blue is more than $200 pp more than US air for our dates in April. We fly on a Tuesday ad Return on a Wednesday. They are usually a bit more, but have taken a huge leap this year. Might need to go US Air.. which we do not like....

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    Boston to Aruba direct on Jet Blue is runing $500 pp including taxes and fees for last week in March

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