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Thread: Body Scanner or "Pat Down"?

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    Body Scanner or "Pat Down"?

    I was trying to decide which I would choose the next time I fly -- I think I
    might take the scanner over a "personal" pat down but neither is especially

    Wondering which you'd choose or what experiences you've had. I know the time has come to make this necessary for our safety, but it certainly takes some of the "fun" out of flying!

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    whichever line is the quickest!!!!! not concerned!!

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    Definitely the scanner.
    I've experienced the new "patdown" and it's not the way "patdowns" used to be!
    Plus, the scanner is faster.
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    We've did the scanner this last trip it was quite a bit faster

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    Shortest line

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    i agree, the scanner. it seems like it would be quickest. whatever is necessary to get me safely to aruba and safely home, i have no problem with

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    I just flew last week and I did the scanner. I didn't want to be groped. My husband did the pat down. He didn't think it was that bad, but I think it depends on which TSA person you have. On the trip home through Ft. Lauderdale, he told them he didn't want to use the scanner. They had him walk through a different medal detector and that was all. We thought that was strange because I had to do the scanner again, but maybe it was because they were so busy. Flying has certainly become more and more unpleasant. We are thinking of going to Europe, but my dh refuses to do the scanner and I'm not sure what the procedures will be like in Europe by the time we are planning to go next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hatteras View Post
    We are thinking of going to Europe, but my dh refuses to do the scanner and I'm not sure what the procedures will be like in Europe by the time we are planning to go next year.
    With comments by the TSA, of if you do not like the new regulations then simply do not fly, it surely makes cruising look VERY very attractive for travelers.

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    I go through security 200 or more times a year, there is no way I'm going through machines that use RF or x-rays to scan. The scanners were never supposed to be used for primary screening as they have been used in some cities. I'm hoping that the continued public pressure will result in changes to the new pat-down procedure as well. Even the president and secretary of state have spoken out about it, so there is some hope.

    There are still a number of airports that do not have the scanners and the TSA publishes a list of airports where they are in use.

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    Our favorite place on the island, is the great beach at the Boca Grandi. The water is the best, and its very quiet.

    We went through the scanner on our last trip to Aruba. It was a very easy situation. I was very happy to have a very enjoyable flight.
    I actually feel bad for the TSA employees that have to do those Pat-Downs. That has to be an awful job. Just think of some of the passengers you see and smell in an airport.
    So lets try to be cooperative when we're traveling this holiday season. We all want to have an enjoyable trip.
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