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Thread: From Bonaire to Aruba

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    From Bonaire to Aruba

    Has anyone ever gone to Aruba from Bonaire? We were thinking about going to Bonaire for a week and then heading straight to Aruba, and for some reason, I'm nervous about the flight between the two islands. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience traveling between the ABC islands, as well as any advice on doing so.


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    We went to Curacao back in 1999. It was a quick plane trip... As soon as we got up in the air we started our descent. Bonaire is just a bit further so I'd expect a 20 to 30 minute flight.

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    We go to Cur and Bonaire a lot from Aruba. Its a good flight. A lot of flights that go from Bonaire to Aruba make a stop in Cur but I would find a flight from Insel and go from Bonaire right to Aruba.
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