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Thread: BOS- Aruba April Vacation Week

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    BOS- Aruba April Vacation Week

    So I just put a check in the mail to rent a timeshare at the end of April the 18th - 25 to be exact. I didnt realize that was school vacation week.

    Am I going to be stuck with $1100 a person to fly non-stop? Is there a chance fares will come down? How long should I wait?

    Also, I am bringing 2 little kids with me, so I think non-stop is my best bet. Kids will be 3.5 and 1 year old at time of travel.

    Another situation I have to deal with is that my family (parents + brother) will be flying down with us on the 18th and then taking my kids home with them on the 25th so my husband and I get a vacation to ourselves for another week. I wont be able to book this online since I have to make sure my kids are on the same flight as them going back to Boston.

    I'm worried about waiting too long and seeing fares rising more. I'm also worried about waiting too long and not having a non-stop flight option. Are these valid concerns? What have other people paid in years past for vacation week fares? I went in April 2007 and paid <$500 a person for non stop flights, but I dont think it was vacation week.


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    We've been flying as a family of four for April school vacation from Boston for the past decade and my news, unfortunately, is not good. I agree that non-stops are the way to go. Historically, we've done best by purchasing these as soon as available (late May for most carriers).

    Our experience is with American. While on a few occasions we could have done better purchasing around August, overall, buying in May has served us well. I have never seen a price drop on the American non-stops for April school vacation between October and April. If you check seat availability, it's not good. I wish I could give better news. Sorry.
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    Well, you could wait for Jetblue, but don't expect that to be cheap. ALso, you might wanta think about how you are going to handle your children leaving the country with someone who has a different name. Hopefully they have the same last name. I caution you with this as my grilfriend and her husband and her child all have different last names. They had to have a notorized note for the child to leave the country. Now, this was a few years ago, but I just wanted to caution you. Cindyo

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    Yes, I found out that I just need to have a notorized note that grants my parents temporary custody of my children. Thanks for the concern!

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