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Thread: BOS-AUA - Delta - Tomorrow

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    BOS-AUA - Delta - Tomorrow

    So I leave Boston tomorrow for Aruba and coulndt be more excited. Was joking with one fo the guys in the office about coming so we checked flights for tomorrow. Come to find out, Delta has a 6am flight for $168 total (one way). Thats an incredible price. Maybe Delta is changing their policy to actually try and sell their last minute seats rather than price gouge for them. Just thought I'd share.
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    Just looked and the JFK- AUA segment still has 17 seats available. That fare is $151.10. Roundtrip Wednesday to Wednesday is $344.70. There are travel bargains to be had, you just have to be flexible.

    I looked at ATL - AUA for the same dates and there were no discount fares left, fare is $956+ There are like only 3 seats available on the flight down and 6 or so on the way back.

    ALL supply and demand.

    I hope someone is able to take advantage of the long weekend deal for from JFK.

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