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Thread: British Airways and AA...easier travel for those from UK

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    British Airways and AA...easier travel for those from UK

    Aruba now more accessible for UK travellers

    12th October 2010Print Email Share
    As part of British Airways' strategic partnership with American Airlines, visitors from the UK can now fly to the US on British Airways' flights and from there connect to Aruba on American Airlines.

    American Airlines flies to Aruba from Miami daily and is increasing its service from New York's JFK airport to four times a week (on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday) as of next month.

    The partnership between the two airlines means more convenient connection times, as well as the option of flying to Aruba on business class. Flights are already available to book on

    Aruba has its own US Immigration at the airport, allowing UK visitors to clear US customs in Aruba on their return leg.

    Alternatively, visitors from the UK can travel to Aruba year round with KLM, via Amsterdam.

    For more information on visiting Aruba please go to

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    Other option and cheapest option is flight from London and Manchester once a week with ThomsonAirways.
    You do not need buy a package with Thomson,you can buy just flight ticket.
    I paid £517 from Manchester return for two!!!Very cheap !

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    and I must say the cheapest prices are on last minute ,one/two week before departure.
    Aircraft is very comfortable and lots of space for legs,more than in British airways.

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    Thumbs up More Brits visit Aruba

    "More Brits visit Aruba
    29 Okt, 2010, 12:16 (GMT -04:00)

    ORANJESTAD — Beach holidays on Aruba are popular with the Brits. Although holidays to the Caribbean by residents of the United Kingdom have decreased with 12 percent, the holidays to Aruba have actually increased with almost 20 percent.

    Well over 12 thousand visitors from the United Kingdom had visited our island during the past nine months of 2010, according to various tourist magazines in the UK. “With this, Aruba has placed themselves in the top 10 of British destinations in the Caribbean.” After the Netherlands, the United Kingdom therefore brings most of the European visitors to Aruba. The number of tourists during the entire year 2009 even increased with 28.3 percent. According to the English media, this is also thanks to more than 30 tour operators including our island in their holiday brochures. Moreover, an improved airlink from London and Manchester with charter flights from airline company Thomson is favorable for the number of British vacationers in the direction of Aruba.

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    Given the new departure taxes in the UK, you would probably be better served flying to Amsterdam and then on to the Caribbean.
    The increase is grouped into four bands depending on distance:
    Band A (0-2,000 miles from London includes European destinations)
    Price - Economy: £12 Premium: £24 Tax increase: 9 per cent

    BAND B (2,001-4,000 miles includes Egypt and USA)
    Price - Economy: £60 Premium: £120 Tax increase: 33 per cent

    BAND C (4,001-6000 miles includes Caribbean and South Africa)
    Price - Economy: £75 Premium: £150 Tax increase: 50 per cent

    BAND D (more than 6,000 includes Australia and Singapore)
    Price - Economy: £85 Premium: £170 Tax increase: 55 per cent
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