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Thread: Brown bagging versus buying US AIR food

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arubalisa View Post
    You can not take liquids through the TSA security checkpoint. We bring our lunch and snacks and buy water and soda near the gate prior to boarding the flight. Worst comes to worst you can also purchase food at the airport to carry on board and it is not considered a 'carry on'.

    Why do we buy our own beverages?
    1. Don't have to wait for the beverage cart.
    2. Delta only "flies" through with the cart once.

    Coming home from Aruba, at US Immigrations there will be USDA officers questioning food being brought on board. Then it is not worth it imho.

    We do the same thing. We each have a carry on - one has what we call the "beverage cart" - it has peanut M & M's, gum, sandwhichs, chips, snacks - whatever - all from home.

    Then once we get through security -we buy lots of water & a couple of sodas. We then have a routine of pre-flight. We take a dramamine each (we usally have 2 hours to kill before we board & I had a really bad experience on a 4 hour flight from Dallas- got sick as a puppy)

    Then we take an air-borne with water in a cup that I pack.

    Then we are all set!!

    We can eat & drink when we want - when the attendats go by - we get what we can - they are rushing - but we have what we need.

    What was bad on our last flight last week from JFK non stop to SFO is that the entertainment system didn't work!! And I had packed my head phones to watch Ice Age 3 - there I sat with no magazine or newspaper - a very long 5.5 hours!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildewoman View Post
    we get what we can - they are rushing - but we have what we need.
    Very diplomatically said.

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    Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

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